Ascend to New Heights
Amidst the Clouds

Behold the enchanting heights of RedEarthone, where architectural magnificence meets the boundless sky. Rising with strength and grace is a testament to our commitment to elevating your living experience. As your eyes ascend, you'll feel the allure of nature’s beauty, igniting a sense of wonder and possibility.

A Celestial Haven
Where Earth
Meets The Sky

Picture yourself basking in the warm embrace of a harmonious living room, where laughter and conversation flow effortlessly. Envision the serenity of looking out the window, where you can savour a cup of coffee amidst breathtaking views. Welcome to RedEarthone, where every day is a masterpiece waiting to be crafted.

A Celestial Haven
Where Earth
Meets The Sky

In the heart of Gohtong Jaya, a breathtaking landscape unfolds, unveiling the oriental sanctuary GENTING XINTIANDI. Spread across approximately 60 acres of prime land, divided into 8 phases of meticulous planning to cater for every lifestyle. From value-driven premium residences to luxurious abodes, our development offers an array of options to meet the diverse needs of our community. In addition to our exceptional living spaces, our development also includes an arena, a retail district that boasts a wide variety of shops, and a proposed bustling bus station hub.


Three Levels of Dreamlike Living

RedEarthone offers not only one but three dedicated levels of facilities to its residents. From the stunning onsen pool to the impressive infinity pool, you'll be greeted with an air of tranquillity that will immediately soothe your mind. You'll feel the stress of everyday life gently whisking away as you take in breathtaking facilities spread across three levels.

Facilities Floor

level 8

1. Lounge Area
2. Artificial Lawn Lounge
3. Indoor Badminton Court
4. Squash Court
5. Pavilion
6. Onsen Pool
7. Dry Garden
8. Spa Pool
9. Wet Deck
10. 50m Infinity Pool
11. Grand Pool Entrance

12. Pool Deck
13. Sun Deck
14. Zen Garden
15. Leisure Seating Hammock
16. Splash Pool
17. Stone Garden
18. Walkway
19. Water Feature
20. Sunken BBQ Lounge
with Herbs Garden
21. BBQ Lounge

22. Vista BBQ Pavillion
23. Playscape
24. Mini Wall Climbing
25. Outdoor Co-working Space
26. Jumbo Chess
27. Washroom M/F
28. Kindergarten
29. Jungle Gym
30. Gaming Lounge
31. Sauna & Washroom M/F

level 9

1. Casual / Living Lounge
2. Conference / Training Room
3. Function Room
4. Surau M/F
5. Library Room
6. Karaoke Room
7. Table Tennis Room

8. Jumping Fitness
9. Golf Simulator
10. Bouldering Gym
11. Yoga Room
12. Boxing Room
13. Gymnasium
14. Washroom M/F

level 43A

1. Yoga & Meditation
2. Heated Spa Pool
3. Tea Garden
4. Cigar Lounge
5. Social Lounge / Event Space

6. Entertainment Room
7. Hotpot / BBQ Corner & Outdoor Dining
8. Grille Lounge / Outdoor Dining
9. Zen Garden


A / A1
454 sqft | 42.16 sqm
1 Bedroom + 1 Bathroom
B / B1
687 sqft | 63.78 sqm
2 Bedroom + 2 Bathroom
B2 / B3
687 sqft | 63.78 sqm
2 Bedroom + 2 Bathroom
C / C1
973 sqft | 90.42 sqm
3 Bedroom + 3 Bathroom


Reinforced Concrete Framework / Shear Wall

Reinforced Concrete Wall / Brickwall

Reinforced Concrete Flat Roof / Metal Deck Roof

Skim Coat & Paint / Suspended Ceiling Board

Living / Kitchen / Dining / Bedroom : Tiles
Bathrooms : Tiles
Balcony : Tiles

Adequate Electrical Points
External Wall : Paint
Internal Wall : Skim Coat & Paint / Plaster & Paint
Bathroom : Wall Tiles Up To Ceiling Height

Main Entrance : Fire-Rated Door
Master Bedroom / Bedroom : Timber Flush Door
Master Bath : Timber Flush Door
Bathroom : Timber Flush Door
Balcony : Aluminium Frame Sliding Glass Door

Aluminium Frame Window

Quality Locksets
NOTE: All items mentioned above are subject to variation, modification and substitution as may be recommend by Architects and/or the relevant approving Authorities. Built-up, layout plan and specifications are subject to change.

Site Progress

Aug 2023

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